Friday, May 30, 2008

Im a John Doe?


It all happened tis evening.

I went to Public bank.

Wanna open a saving account for some very lame purposes.

and when i was asked to let him scan my I.C.

in a few mins he returned and asked me izzit tht my I.C was the 1st batch bla bla bla?

den i said yea i was the 1st batch to use the new type of I.C.
(im a Jan. dude )

So den i realize type of I.C cant be scanned by their devices.

Tis is jus

cuz of tht.. i cant open the stupid account.

and wat abt other stuff tht nidded my I.C to be scanned?

Identity card cant even IDENTIFIED ME?

(im scolding sumthin political.and i duwan to be behind bars)

Fuck fuck fuck.
so i went home and told my dad abt it.
and my dad asked me do i wanna go renew my I.C since im already 18.
off we go~

3rd floor.
The department entrance.
there will be a malay girl outside the entrance askin u wats yr purpose here and when u told her she'll give u a num. ticket and ask u to wait inside for yr turn.
(to luyi: i dun think u'll like tht place =) its FULL wif yr 'FRENZ' . hahaha)

while waiting.

I kept on tidying my hair for my dad told me they wan to take the photo where my ears can be seen... so i was bz stuffing my side burn to the back of my ears.
Dun tell me u guys told me b4 but i looked like a gal tht way.
jus hope later i took nice photo can d LAR~
i was actually excited to renew my I.C.
cuz the current I.C im using.
Nobody BELIEVE its ME it tht pic!
ARGH!! I hate it too!
and u WISH i will show u my IC HERE!

So while waiting for my turn i spotted tis machine.

I dunno wats the purpose for it but i noe u nid to insert yr IC card into it.
so i asked for my dad's IC to give it a try.


when i inserted it.
a pop up said tht my dad's card cant be read !
my dad was like so damn frustrated.
cuz his card aint like mine.
so he doesnt understood why cant it be used.
oh well.
but still better den mine
when i inserted mine.
it din even took time to scan it it jus straight away SPLIT it out back.
which makes my dad felt more delighted and laugh abt it.

And Finally its my turn.
Paid rm10 for renewing it.
and den i was told to wait to take my pic.
but i took the chance to have a last look at the mirror.
and snapped pic of myself first.

yea i noe my hair is messy.

My signature smiling face.

And when its my turn she jus asked me to sit on the chair.
and suddenly she said ready 1,2,3.
i heard a click from her mouse.
den she said okay it done.
tht was fast
i jus hoped she took a nice pic of me.
pls pls pls pls plsssssssss....~

i was told to collect my IC after a MONTH.

oh well..
like wat miss elaine used to said.

and den i headed HOME~


While on the way back.

my dad told me a story.

3 days ago.

A stupid crow.

Flew pass our car.

and den my dad heard a loud sound.

den he went and had a look.

And did u guessed.

[ : lame lar the crow knocked itself to yr car? ]

U ni LAME la!


its actually.. it dropped a big big bone onto the car!

now guess wat happened to my car?

Nonit guess lar~

I'll show u...........

Can u see tht CRACK!

stupid crow!

do u noe how much it cost to change a whole new glass for the car!

moral of the story.


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