Sunday, May 25, 2008

Updated updated!

Sorry for nt updating my blog.
Had to wait luyi to update his blog den onli i can get the pics from him and update mine.

okay.. tis post happened like..
weeks ago i think..(18/05/08 i guess)
cant reali remember when..
A fren of luyi came from Perak to visit him .
Cuz she's goin to KL for her studies soon so she wanna met up wif em for the "last time"

So luyi asked me to join in wif him.
and remember i blog abt tht Grace tht went to malacca to study?
she came back the same day too!
wat for?
she went there for like a week nia lol.

So 1st we went to meet up wif Grace at GP.

like always she made us waited for her.
see my damn "patience" face.

Later on we accompanied her to the Celcom shop to get her wireless broadband.
cost her rm499 i think.
a small lil thingy.
pity her Malacca no wireless

Den off we go to coffee bean.

my mocha + fudge cake.

barney and boon yan working on grace's laptop.
elaine wondering which straw belongs to hers.
my pretty hand.

everyone want a taste of my fudge cake!
its damn yummy!

After awhile we switched indoor for its started to rain.
busy wif my cup of mocha.

Im juz fooling around

and around 8pm everyone nid to leave for grace nid to go home to join her family.
barney nid to go pray for the wesak day thingy.
We nid to go have dinner wif Anna and the guys.
and since we fetched elaine and so she's stucked wif us.
so we bring her along.
although she felt reali awkward abt it for she duno Anna.
I dunno reali noe Anna either.
But Luyi insisted so oh well.
I jus wanna EAT!
and i dun care abt the rest!

So group photos b4 we departed.




And we rushed to our next destination.
Fettes Park western food.
the one tht always make u wait for at least an hour and den onli they will served u yr foods.

On our way there sumthin occurred.
all i can said is.
We are all a bunch of hot tempered hormones raging idiots tht never will learned their lesson until we burned ourselves.
Effing bullocks!

And finally we reached our destination.
Tis is Anna.
Happy go lucky girl.
A Perak girl tht dun understand Hokkien.

aik wei + luyi.

camilla + aik wei.

Well the western food dude let us wait for like an hour and a half only served us our foods.
den after tht luyi asked where Anna wanna go.
Up the hills or down to the sea.
she said SEA.
so off we went to the beach.

B4 we went to the beach.

Sorry no pics of the beach cuz its too damn dark.
and luyi dun like takin pics using flashlight plus he's bz playing wif ANNA.

So after awhile luyi asked us wanted to join him and Anna for midnight movie or nt.
I rejected for im tired so camilla fetched me and aik wei back for she nid to go home early . And elaine was fetched back by luyi for she watched the movie b4 already.


Oh.. And Happy Sweet 18 to

Yea ure fucking LEGAL now.


and tht makes u another year older .


stay happy always.

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