Sunday, September 14, 2008

The way i am

Yea im still havin my exam.
Juz a short post to show u guys wat im doing recently.

This is what ive been up to lately.

Yea i did have some beer.
but NO i dun nid its help to get laid.

Well i think most ppl knew where i took tht poster.

We've been together for more than 3 years.
Ure always there for me when i needed u.
U always let me be on top of u.
U never complain when im being jus a little bit hard on u.
But it finally come to an end.
for us to say goodbye.
it was good to have u wif me.
My frenz asked me to stop and get a new one for ure already the past.
but i insisted to have u wif me till the end of time.
but now...
Its time for us to be apart.
I will miss u.
cuz u helped me to walk those rocky roads.
and the sloopy ways.
but now.
farewell my love.
i will never forget u.
My beloved...
Right foot Slipper.

My first time.


eating roti tissue.
To tell u guys the truth.
they laughed at me of the way i ate it.
because i love to Lick it.
yea literally LICK it.
cuz i love the salty salty part of it.

and Lastly.

This is the way.

I study lately.



Credits to miss Reelee.
Bad photos quality.
Gud photographing.
Perfect model.



MinzT said...

sama punya shoe punya orang suppose tak ada hak untuk bersuara
but i guess u know how we know u feel too
it actually sucks right
what we left is just the right to reminisce what we HAD
its all about past-tense now
so sick ...
+U ba....
shall all of us will grin from the bottom of our heart one day in the future
shall that day comes, the sooner the better

We'll always be with ya!

p a t r i c k said...

yea. lets jus cheer up alright. u too. haha faster come back!